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DNS Mission Statement

We work relentlessly as partners with nonprofits to build organizational capacity in support of their mission,with the strength, expertise and integrity of our Professional staff and proven processes

Siobhan C. Tanner

Senior Analysis Associate

Sandy Morningstar

Senior Research Associate

Susanne Kenney

Senior Associate

Debbie Ramsey

Senior Vice President

Dave and Connie Condon

Chief Executive Officer and President

Diversified Nonprofit Services

Each member of the DNS Team was handpicked  and recruited to become part of Diversified Nonprofit Services. DNS has eight staff members and does not  use subcontractors; each member of the team brings a particular expertise within the nonprofit genre that qualifies them to work in all of the service areas offered by DNS, capital campaigns, feasibility studies, grant writing, strategic planning and nonprofit management. David and Connie Condon, the owners of DNS, have developed a unique management style which involves each and every member of the team in the process of creating the direction for the company. This focus has led to incredible success and to the publishing of a book written by Mr. Condon and Mr. Kevin Bingham entitled "The Perfect Nonprofit" The Perfect Nonprofit Page. The focus of this book mirrors the philosophy of the writers and the company. That philosophy focuses on creating a holistic balanced approach to leadership, governance, marketing, and development of resources that ultimately lead to impactful services to their clients.

Diversified Nonprofit Services Capital Campaigns