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We work relentlessly as partners with nonprofits to build organizational capacity in support of their mission,with the strength, expertise and integrity of our Professional staff and proven processes

Who Needs A Community Assessment?

A Community Assessment is used by organizations that:

  • Are evaluating their strategies or developing new strategies
  • Are contemplating significant growth, new services or serving new communities
  • Need to report objective assessments of their impact to donors and other constituents

What Are The Benefits & Results?

A Community Assessment is an accurate summary of the community from different perspectives that:

  • Provides a cost-effective way to identify needs and opportunities based on objective, community input
  • Identifies locations with the most critical needs for your organization's programs and services
  • Provides information and the framework for your organization to develop and implement an action plan
  • Provides credible information that can be used to obtain support (financial, political, human and other support) for current, new and extended programs and services
  • Identifies the current status against which the impact of new and extended programs and services can be measured
  • Provides the "voice of the people" input to your organization

 What Do You Get?

A Community Assessment is a study that uses objective information to evaluate the present state, and dynamics, of a community and their impact on your organization. It analyzes needs, identifies strengths and resources, and provides information necessary to make informed decisions about programs and services.

The Community Assessment report, which is informative, insightful, in-depth, fact-based and actionable:

  • Summarizes problems and needs that relate to your organization's mission
  • Identifies improvements for the community
  • Identifies assets and strengths of the community and ways to mobilize them
  • Provides a clear picture of how the community functions and interacts
  • Incorporates information from community members, leaders, potential supporters, other organizations, and demographic, social, economic and other data


Comprehensive Community Assessment

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