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DNS Mission Statement

We work relentlessly as partners with nonprofits to build organizational capacity in support of their mission,with the strength, expertise and integrity of our Professional staff and proven processes

Grant Research

We provide targeted, customized research that will identify grant opportunities that conform to your funding needs. Our research will help you to ensure that your proposals are directed towards grant makers who support the programs and activities your organization provides.

Diversified Nonprofit Services combines its considerable grant research and proposal writing experience with use of comprehensive foundation/grant making databases and other sources of information to target your proposal for success.  We have identified thousands of grant opportunities for organizations over the past 25 years.

Proposal Writing

We write proposals that are customized to your organization's objectives and needs and which address the purpose, activities and areas of interest of each funder.  Diversified Nonprofit Services can also write collaborative proposals that include your organization and other partners in the conceptualization and writing process. Diversified Nonprofit Services has written proposals that have helped organizations raise tens of millions of dollars.  These range from $1,000,000 grants for capital investment to $5,000 grants for specific program needs.  Funders have included private, corporate and government sources.

Proposal Review

Increase the potential for the success of the proposals you write with a comprehensive review by Diversified Nonprofit Services.  Our experienced grant writers will review your proposal to ensure it conforms to the requirements of the funder including its purpose, activities and areas of interest. Your proposal will be evaluated against the funder's formatting, documentation and submission requirements to ensure that all items are addressed.

What Do You Get?

Using the DNS Grant Research, Writing, and Critiquing Service provides you with:

  • Access to a comprehensive Foundation Research tool which will outline all of the grant opportunities in your area
  • Evaluation of each prospect Foundation by a senior grant researcher
  • Information on who these Foundations have given too, how much they have given, and how best to make your application
  • Preliminary estimates of costs for writing each grant application
  • Assurance that your application conforms to the guidelines of the Foundation being applied to 
  • Increased opportunities for funding
  • Evaluation of the grants you write to make sure they conform to Foundation guidelines and are edited correctly
  • The ability to submit Foundation Proposals that might otherwise have been missed
  • Access to sources of funding that are often overlooked by many nonprofit agencies

Grant Research and Proposals