DNS Mission Statement

We work relentlessly as partners with nonprofits to build organizational capacity in support of their mission,with the strength, expertise and integrity of our Professional staff and proven processes

Product or Service
Feasibility Study
On Site
 6 to 10 weeks

Capital / Endowment Campaign Administration

(Campaigns with goals over $2,500,000)

On Site

24 to 36 Months Depending on Goal

Capital / Endowment Campaign Administration(Campaigns with goals under $2,500,000)

On Site

18 Months (average) Includes Modified Feasibility Study

Annual Operating Campaign
6 Months: Annual Subscription
Comprehensive  Resource Development Audit
Online / On Site

45 days including a two day on site  visit to conduct interviews of Staff and Board

Complete Community Assessment
Online / On Site

3 months including research, focus groups, and individual interviews

Grant Research

Uses an hourly approach and varies according to the number of Foundations Identified

Proposal Writing
Uses an hourly approach and varies according to the number and type of applications  processed
Proposal Review
Hourly  depending on number of grants reviewed
Strategy Development
On Site
60 days including one full day staff / board retreat
Board Developement
On Site
Timing is determined by the current state of the Board and the need for growth
General Consulting
Online / On Site
Contracted by the hour, time determined by the goals of the project
Motivational Speaking
On Site
Various topics see description on other services page
Organizational Restructuring
On Site / Online
Complete restructuring of organizations that are not meeting their operational goals

Products and Services

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