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DNS Mission Statement

We work relentlessly as partners with nonprofits to build organizational capacity in support of their mission,with the strength, expertise and integrity of our Professional staff and proven processes

Meet the Officers

Connie J. Condon, President

Connie has over seventeen years of experience in executive management of nonprofit organizations including multi-site child-care and before- and after-school programs, Boys & Girls Club, the YWCA, and Head Start programs at Community Action Agencies. Connie also has experience in the for-profit arena as the owner and operator of a day care center that served over 120 children.

Connie has participated in numerous community initiatives and developed key government and community collaborations that led to new program development. As Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Club of Columbus, Indiana, Connie assisted in the merger of the Club, Girls Inc. and a community center program.

Connie has extensive experience and expertise in the areas of private, corporate and government grant research and grant writing. This experience includes Federal Head Start funding, School Lunch and Child Care Food Program support and State Bonding.

Immediately prior to joining DNS, Connie served as Coordinator for the Connecticut Area Council of Boys & Girls Club where she was responsible for private and government resource development, marketing, developing partnerships with key organizations, coordinating and facilitating Council committees and overseeing the statewide SMART Moves program.

Connie received a Bachelor’s Degree in child development from California State University and has completed work toward her post-graduate degree.

David Condon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
David Condon founded Diversified Nonprofit Services, LLC in 1985. David is a nationally-recognized expert on fundraising, capital campaigns and nonprofit strategy. He has provided professional counsel to hundreds of nonprofits. His expertise and passion for his clients’ causes has been instrumental in clients closing over 200 solicitations of one million dollars or more.

David is an outstanding motivational and professional development speaker. He is able to communicate big ideas and practical advice. His presentations are successful at moving prospective donors to action. He energizes and motivates Board members and professional staff to higher levels of performance. Audiences consistently place him among the most informative and entertaining speakers at the conferences and events he attends.

David has extensive understanding of nonprofit management and he is an expert at applying successful business practices to the nonprofit sector.  David began working with nonprofit agencies in 1968. He was Director of Special Services for the Derby, Connecticut Public School System and later was President and CEO of Durham Hill School, a nonprofit residential treatment facility for severely retarded/emotionally disturbed children and adolescents. In May 2007, David was inducted into the Boys & Girls Clubs of America Alumni Hall of Fame in recognition of the positive influence and inspiration he has brought to the Boys & Girls Club movement.

David has a Bachelors Degree in Special Education and Psychology, a Masters Degree in Special Education and Psychology and an advanced graduate degree in Administration from Southern Connecticut State University.