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We work relentlessly as partners with nonprofits to build organizational capacity in support of their mission,with the strength, expertise and integrity of our Professional staff and proven processes

The Perfect Nonprofit

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Somewhere in the formative stages of every nonprofit agency,people come together to create an  organization with a central focus of helping people, animals, the environment, or any number of other laudable causes. If they achieve their goal,there is little doubt in their minds that their efforts will improve the quality of life for mankind. Their boundless energy coupled with a desire to help society in some way leads to the formation and certification of a nonprofit agency. In most cases, the desire to help becomes the central focus. Exactly how this is going to be accomplished is quite often put on the back burner. Little thought is given to the infrastructure needed for a sound organization, the funding required to make it viable, the leadership necessary to carry it out, the scope of the vision and mission to be the backbone of the organization, and last but not least, the proof of the need for the organization in the first place.

“The Perfect Game” is the blending of dedication, practice, training, knowledge, vision, teamwork, and yes, even some luck. In order fora Perfect Game to occur, all of these components, while following different paths, timelines and schedules, will intersect and meld into one shining moment of glory that becomes The Perfect Game. Should one of these components be eliminated, altered, or take a different path, or if the timing is off by even a fraction of a minute,The Perfect Game will be just another afternoon at the ballpark. Eventually, these things bond into one game-changing event and a nonprofit organization is born. However, unlike the Perfect Game scenario, the result is rarely perfection. In most cases, the result is chaos and fragmentation where one component of the nonprofit takes precedence over all others, thus limiting the chances for not only perfection, but for success. There is little doubt that while their causes are great and the desire to help is genuine, the planning of each facet of the organization is not given equal weight and attention. Often, there is no balance in the process so the organization struggles or never reaches its full potential. The Perfect Nonprofit Model is a holistic approach to moving your organization towards becoming the type of nonprofit you may only have dreamed of at the start, by bringing together all of the components that must be integrated into creating perfection within your organization.

The Perfect Nonprofit Model will show you how to integrate leadership, governance, marketing, strategic thinking, and resource development while moving your organization towards perfection. It has been said,“Real perfection is in the striving to be perfect that leads you to set new goals and objectives which just keeps it out of reach.”

Learning and implementing The Perfect Nonprofit Model will lead your organization to a balanced management process while utilizing practices and principles applied in the most successful businesses and nonprofit organizations in America. Implementing this process and these principles will undoubtedly help you to guide your organization beyond what you ever envisioned. The Perfect Nonprofit will prepare you to take the field for your “Perfect Game.” You will continually be able to set new goals and objectives that, while moving your organization forward, will keep total perfection just out of reach. By doing this your organization will become The Perfect Nonprofit.