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Finding Foundations

Locating potential funders can be a difficult task, but there are ways to find private foundations, even when your budget does not allow a costly subscription!  

A free site-grantsalert,com, while focusing on education, allows you to sign up for automatic alerts when grants become available.  Many work for 501 (c) 3's and we find that grants promoted on the site could serve a variety of our clients.  Check it out.

You can also sign up for alerts from the Federal Government so that you are always aware of funding as it becomes available.  This is not only helpful for you, but is a great way to solidify your relationship with City and State officials when you contact them to give them the information.  Go to :www.grants.gov/web.

Others worth checking out include: www.charitiesnetusa.com and www.newusafunding.com.

Contact DNS if you would like assistance finding foundations or corporate giving programs.  We can do the research for you.