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Feasible Study

Feasibility Studies


On Site


6 to 10 weeks

A Feasibility Study is used to determine the potential to raise money that is needed to:

  • Construct facilities and/or buy equipment

  • Renovate or expand existing facilities

  • Create or increase an endowment fund


A Feasibility Study uses objective information to evaluate the potential for success of a Capital/Endowment Campaign. It is based on information provided by 30 to 50 of the community’s most influential philanthropists, business and foundation executives, and other leaders. The Feasibility Study is the most important factor in determining your campaign’s ultimate success. The study also provides information that helps the campaign to meet the needs and interests of the philanthropic community and so increases its level of support for the project.


The Feasibility Study determines whether a Capital/Endowment Campaign has the potential for success and it provides:

  • Statistically-valid data that enables your organization to make informed decisions about the project

  • Awareness of your organization and its reputation in the community

  • The potential to raise money for the project

  • The leadership and philanthropic base of the community that must participate to make the campaign successful

  • Information needed to plan the campaign

What DNS Provides

Retaining DNS to conduct your Feasibility Study provides you with:

  • A seasoned study executive who will conduct each of your interviews personally

  • Access to processes and procedures that have been used in hundreds of successful feasibility studies nationwide

  • Comparative analysis to other like projects from our Feasibility Study database

  • Information you need to have to make an informed decision

  • Intelligence that allows you to set your goal, identify key community needs, and identify the leadership team you need to recruit to succeed

  • Accurate, objective, and focused information

  • Continued guidance should your study indicate you cannot move forward at the time the study was completed

  • A track record of success

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